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Today’s featured Celebration of Clay/Inhabited Earth 2023 artist is Leonard Baca, with their piece:

"Shade of Blue", 2"H x 10"W, wheel thrown, porcelain, four

sprayed-on glazes, fired to cone 6.

Leonard describes his process in the following way, "Ceramics is my way to communicate, with life, friends, and family. It brings me closer to God the creator, it is his world I see all around me and I share that in my work."

Celebration of Clay 2023 

to view work in the show click click this link

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View this work and many others at Gallery Hózhó, Hotel Chaco, 2000 Bellamah Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104.

Opens October 6 -- through November 19th, 2023. Sponsored by the NMPCA.

Sunport  Ceramic Showcase 

Past event to view work in the show click on this link

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Visit the Online Studio Tour

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Pop Up Art & Pottery Sale

Works are available to schedule a viewing 

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This is a past event 

December 1, 2022 through  January 1, 2023
Call for today time  505-480-8292
4300 Silver Avenue SE # F
Albuquerque, NM 87108

I started my day unboxing all my ceramics.  Earlier in the week I had been moving boxes, three trips.  It is kind of fun to unbox all the ceramics, ten years of work.  Some pieces I have not seen in a while, and other pieces are from the last firing. Today I will just unbox, clean, and organize all the ceramics. This gives me the time to see the progression of my work, you get a sense of wonder, accomplishment as  memories come back, you think of stages in your life.   You see new ways of doing things, to create better works and Ideas for new works.  

When I first started doing ceramics it took some time to see some nice work, pieces that I was proud of, and other work I think, oh my, this is not great, what was I thinking.  When I first started like most people it is a learning process using commercial glazes. As I develop my style, I now make my own glazes, it is like starting all over again. Each form takes time to develop, then you decide with clay to use and match the glazes to that clay body. Different firing processes each have their own challenges.  As I look over everything, I remember the different stages. I see lots of small pieces and think to myself, where are all the large works, those are the ones that sold.

I take different workshops, to learn new techniques which give me new ideas to try out and build into my work. I move from throwing on a wheel to hand building, moving from functional ware to sculptural work. Life does not stand still; different styles come and go just like thoughts. These are different avenues of development and learning, different ways to show ones feeling or express my work, how they play a role in my life. It is like opening one of your sketch books, which record different ideas, different thoughts and give you directions to create different works.  

I hope your are able to come by my Pop up is see my work,  I also have other artists who will be showing and selling there work.

Beatrica Lombard, describes her self as an assemblage artist .


Pat Sanchez and Raymond Sanchez, showing the wood works skills, benches, clocks, and caved spoons.


Brinda Sanchez, “My art is one of a kind.  I paint and carve from my heart. I can't duplicate any art piece because when I carve a piece of wood I don't know what it will be until I finish. Sometimes when I look at a piece of wood I can see something there. a face or a pattern.”

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