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The MFAV Citizens Awards 

The MFAV Citizens Awards has always sought to recognize those who have exhibited the very best attributes of voluntary service, exemplary commitment, faithful leadership, and consistency in fellowship in their local assembly. The MFAV Citizen’s Award recipient is boldly, humbly, and unashamedly Christian in character with a strong capacity for service.

Submission Form

Thanks for submitting!

Photo should be  a high quality photo   300 dpi or 1000 pixel  or 500 to 1000 KB in size.  Select a clean background when taking your photo.  The file name for the photo should be: Firstname_Lastname.  You can summit a color or BW photo as a jpg, tiff file. Photo size in Program will be 1  1/2 “ wide by 2” high.

Email your photo

Please make sure your first and last name are part of the file name of the photo or we will not be able to match it to the your bio.

Any question contact:  Pastor Geleta (Jill) Smith  505-917-1580 
                                        Pastor Donald R. Twitty Sr.  505-267-2989

Deadline is: January 5, 2024

you can download a Submission Form
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